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NOV 16th, 2023 | VIRTUAL EVENT



 Rooted in the Future. 


We’re inspired by the change we wish to see in the world — one where global commerce, technological progress, and sustainability coexist. 

The Nordic countries have led the way in terms of democracy, equality, CSR, governance, people happiness and more, but to truly change and make an impact in regards to sustainability,  it is time for commerce and businesses to take the lead.


We truly think global commerce is not the enemy to a sustainable future, instead it can be the solution. In the new business blueprint businesses and finance need to put profit, and the planet on an equal footing. 


To empower industry to address complex environmental risks, it needs to be business driven and investments need to come with a return. The world is changing and with that comes ambitious and accountable actions.


The sentiment for businesses to re-think is supported by major trend shifts in consumer behavior, technological availability, fundraising requirements, investor transparency and climate-resilient targets - all while making a profit in return.


Join the agenda bringing together the best of the Nordics and its collaboration opportunities.

Know how to measure, manage, mitigate and scale Sustainable initiatives. 

What we do in the next few years will determine the fate of the next few hundred. 







Sustainability & Profitability


Strategy, Engagement & Impact

Metrics, Reporting & Regulation




Journalist & one of Finland's most famous TV-host

Peter Nyman is a well-known, charismatic and experienced TV-anchor and business event moderator. He is a journalist,  news-anchor and media professional that coaches on three languages. Peter  has run communication trainings for business directors- and experts for years, but speaks about communication skills also to bigger audiences. 

Peter Nyman, Moderator.jpg


Hery-Christian Henry 

Managing Director, HCI York, Awarded speaker and former brand & sustainability leader (UK)

Hery Henry is an award winning entrepreneur, investor and keynote speaker. A well-known sustainability expert, he is best known in the Nordics for co-authoring the strategy to carbon zero within five years for a plastic packaging company.

Hery Henry_edited.jpg

Joanne ThurloW

Awarded global keynote speaker & Executive Director and Co-founder, The ESG Institute (UK)

Joanne is a digital & sustainability transformation advisor to industry leaders and ex- Siemens Energy Global Head of IT. She has been also nominated to Top 10 Most Influential Women in Tech (2022).
With 25+ years in the Tech industry, and 10+ in the Energy Industry, Joanne brings extensive experience enabling business and organizational transformation on a global level. Having lived and worked internationally for with organizations of all sizes, she brings a holistic approach to ESG and sustainability topics, with focus on the tech that makes it possible. As Executive Director and Cofounder of The ESG Institute, Joanne is dedicated to fostering resilient, sustainable enterprises by equipping businesses with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving ESG landscape 

Joanne-Thurlow (2)_edited.jpg

johan holm

Head of Carbon Neutrality, Stora Enso (SWE)

Johan has over 15 years experience of dealing with carbon related matters. For instance, already in 2006 he was involved in the making of a proposal for the company’s first GHG reduction target which at the time only had been implemented by a handful of companies in the world. Holm has over 25 years of experience in the forest industry and over 30 years’ experience as an environmental professional, focusing on environmental duties such as strategies, policies, KPI development and target setting, management systems, audits, due diligence, data management, internal & external reporting including assurance. At Stora Enso he is a subject matter expert in carbon, mastering corporate carbon accounting including the GHG protocol. Johan was involved in Stora Enso´s first ever Scope 3 estimates carried out in 2006 and is currently heading a group wide project to automate and standardize the company’s scope 3 calculations. Holm holds an MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Utah.

Johan Holm_edited.jpg


Co-Founder, Creator of new, Futurice & Board member, Kaskas

Hanno is one of the founders of Futurice. He has walked the path from a start up to an international company. He’s one of the masterminds of the Futurice culture as well as Lean Service Creation methodology. During years 2004-2009 he innovated, planned and built Finland’s largest photo sharing service Kuvaboxi, 2008-2010 he founded the Futurice UX consultant team and during 2010-2013 he led as head of HR Futurice to be the first company ever to be selected as Europe’s best workplace twice in a row. Currently, Hanno talks and teaches companies on how ways of working, culture and organizations are in the key role in building a better future. 

Hanno Nevanlinna 2.jpg

herkko plit

Visionary energy industry leader & Founder and CEO, P2X Solutions

Herkko is the founder of P2X Solutions Oy, a forerunner in the Finnish hydrogen and e-fuel industry. Plit leads P2X with his visionary attitude and actively participates in the creation of the Finnish and European hydrogen ecosystems in several forums. Herkko is also the Vice-Chair of the Finnish H2 Cluster and Chair of the World Energy Council ‘WEC’ Finland. Before establishing P2X Solutions, Herkko has also been responsible for one of Finland's most demanding projects, Balticconnector. He successfully envisioned and executed the socially and economically significant Balticconnector gas pipeline project. He has been in leading positions in companies like Fortum and TVO. Plit has also worked as the Deputy Director General at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Energy Department and in the European Commission. Herkko's visionary perspectives are in demand globally within the energy industry. He has undertaken numerous international energy assignments in expert roles.

Herkko Plit.jpg

Ulla luhtasela

Nordic Sustainability Manager, Nestlé

Ulla Luhtasela is driving the implementation of the Science Based Targets of Nestlé’s global climate and packaging commitments at the local level. She has two master degrees; one in environmental toxicology from the Asian Institute of Technology and second in environmental chemistry from the University of Turku in Finland. During the past 20 years, Ulla has worked as researcher, governmental officer and team lead at Nestlé in the fields of environment, risks assessment, food regulations and science. In her current role she is actively engaged with local NGOs and farmers, driving a transformation of the food systems to be more regenerative

Ulla Luhtasela 2023_edited.jpg

kirsi suopelto

CEO, Meriaura Group Oyj

Kirsi has over 20 years of experience from financial services, both in legal and commercial roles. Kirsi has served several financial services providers in Finland and abroad. She has also promoted industry interests as a lobbyist within Finance Finland and Fintech Finland, especially focusing on digitalisation and financial innovation. Kirsi is the Chairwoman of the Board and owner of Hybrid Consulting Oy, a consultancy that assisted Meriaura Oy and its owners during the merger with Savosolar Oyj. Following the merger, Kirsi was appointed as the Chairwoman of the Board of Savosolar Oyj, as well as Vice President for Strategy. In May 2023, Kirsi assumed the position of CEO of the entire listed corporation, currently operating under the name Meriaura Group Oyj. Kirsi also holds several board positions.

Kirsi Suopelto_edited.jpg

Timo nurmi

Head of Communications, strategy and sustainability, Posti Group

Timo Nurmi has worked for 17 years as an entrepreneur, CEO, consultant and communications director. Currently, Timo acts as Communications Director responsible for Posti's strategy and sustainability communications and has been involved in raising the internal and external visibility of Posti's globally ambitious and award-winning sustainability work. 
Timo is also familiar with the relationship between technology and communications. Timo was also responsible for Google's communications in Finland for 14 years.

Timo Nurmi.jpg

suvi halttula

Leading Expert on Social responsibility & Human rights, Impaktly

Suvi is an experienced professional in sustainable development and social sustainability. She has extensive experience from complex international settings and companies on how to find ways in which social sustainability and respect for human rights can be embedded into business strategies and day-to-day operations.

Suvi Halttula_edited.jpg

Hannamari Koivula

Head of Sustainability and Property Management, Antilooppi

Hannamari is a multi-skilled sustainability expert who oversees sustainability matters at Antilooppi, one of the leading Finnish real estate investment companies. She sits on the Management Team of Antilooppi and also on the Board of Directors of Green Building Council Finland. Antilooppi offers sustainable, flexible and well-being enhancing working spaces by developing its properties and surrounding areas through a long-term approach. Hannamari has nearly 20 years of wide-ranging experience in managing and developing sustainability affairs in leading corporations across industries, including the development and implementation of sustainability strategies and diverse ESG topics. Hannamari believes that sustainability is all about concrete actions and sees carbon neutrality and well-being as the most pressing topics within real estate sustainability.

Hannamari Koivula_edited.jpg




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