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NOV 16th, 2023

Deep Dive -sessions are 30 minutes in-depth discussions or presentations. Deep Dives are held in separate virtual rooms in the Event Platform. Seats are limited for each session and registration can be done on the Event Platform.


Getting Ready for the Carbon Tax System

11:50 EET

Arnaud Malardé | Procurement & Sustainability Expert | IVALUA (FRA) 

•    Carbon tax requirements
•    Carbon emission data sources
•    Carbon footprint computing technology

Since October 1st, the carbon tax system already applies in the EU. We will go through its requirements, carbon emission data sources and carbon footprint computing technology. You will learn how to prepare for this carbon tax.

Preparing for CSRD and Assured Integrated Reporting

14:45 EET

Alexander Von Knorring, Senior Solution Engineer & Riccardo Nykopp, Regional Sales Director | WORKIVA

•    How your peers view Sustainability reporting
•    Why companies need technology to support ESG reporting and meeting CSRD requirements
•    Quantifiable Benefits of deploying the Workiva platform for ESG and CSRD reporting

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